Massage Services

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Erotic Massage

Rich in history, erotic massage has been a firm favourite by men for centuries. The whole experience is unrushed, as you experience your gorgeous girl drizzling everything inch of you in oil and sensually caressing your bare skin. The therapist will slowly navigate her attention from your less sensitive regions (neck, back and shoulders) to your erogenous zones (manhood area) What comes next is totally your choice as you allow your body and mind to whisk away to a blissful euphoria.

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Tantric Massage

Tantra practitioners believe that when we are stressed, Chi builds up within the sen lines of the body which causes blockages and unwanted tension. To release the Chi, tantalising Tantric techniques are performed onto your naked body, which also replenishes fresh oxygen and blood supply to the muscles for rewarding relief. By doing this, the body mind and soul are able to reconnect and gain harmonisation which helps you to feel lighter, refreshed and rejuvenated. And that’s not all, all of our Tantric massage boast a devilish erotic twist – expect a few explosions!

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Lingam Massage

This massage style is for those of you who want a pleasurable yet spiritual experience that will stay with you long after your massage session ends. Inspired by the same methods and techniques used in Tantra, the word “lingam” is the Sanskrit word for “wand of light,” which sets the standard of how the penis should be treated during the massage. The masseuse will use her hands and mouth to honour the penis with the utmost care and respect, whilst massaging other body areas of the body to bring intense relief and help you reach climax.

4 Hands Massage

This luxurious massage style enables the customer to have not one but TWO beautiful masseuses tend to their every need and desire as opposed to one… double the hands, double the pleasure, double the fun. One of the exciting massage services that Asian Sensation has to offer, would you be be daring to try it?

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Prostate Massage

Prostate massage therapy is often used for medical reasons, but here at Asian Sensation we use it purely for pleasure… after all, the prostate gland is where the male G-Spot is located. You can massage the prostate gland by either kneading your knuckle gently over the perineum, or by inserting your finger inside the anus in a hook-like shape. The pressure and how deep the masseuse goes is purely down to the customer.

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Nuru Massage

Although originating in Japan, Nuru massage therapy has hit Europe by storm over the last decade. The word Nuru translates to “slippery”  which is very fitting as the masseuse uses special nuru gel to slip and slide all over the customer’s body with hers. Nuru gel is made from nori seaweed and natural extracts that feels refreshing and calming on skin.

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Body to Body Massage

Pulse racing, spine shaking and toe curling are just a few words to describe body to body massage. Allow the masseuse to lather your whole physique in oil and slide and grind her flawless assets up against your naked body. You’re guaranteed to experience waves of euphoria as she navigates her attention to your Lingam region, but what comes next is entirely your choice! A cocktail of orgasms is always experienced as part of body to body, are you ready for the raunchy ride?

woman naked on top of man being intimate with each other body to body massage london bayswater

Happy Ending Massage

Although this massage style is very simple, it is highly effective in bringing the customer complete relaxation mixed with pleasure. The masseuse will begin by providing a full body to body massage while both participants are naked, using her body to rub against yours, relieving any muscle pain or tension you might be experiencing.  Once you are fully relaxed she will use her gifted hands to perform a thrilling and heightening hand relief experience on you, helping you to reach climax.

woman naked on top of man being intimate with each other body to body massage london bayswater

Full Service Massage

This massage style is probably our most popular amongst customers as it offers so much. Beginning with a full naked body to body massage, using her physique to rub against you, the customer will experience relief and arousal. Included in the session are hand relief, oral and intercourse, which can be incorporated when you want, at different points throughout the session. This is a highly pleasurable massage that brings customers new levels of orgasmic bliss.